Friday 19th April at 3.00PM

AFC Wimbledon


Bristol Rovers

League One

Tuesday 23rd April at 7.45PM

Luton Town


AFC Wimbledon

League One

Saturday 27th April at 3.00PM

AFC Wimbledon



League One

Welcome to the matchday stadium

Except for special occasions, commentary through WDON is now only available via a subscription to iFollow.

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  • We currently have 38 paid-up ticket holders
  • The total stadium capacity is 430
  • The ground record is 420 for the away game at Altrincham on 13th September 2010

Radio WDON is now a subscription-only service offered by the club. This helps generate much-needed income for the club to help us compete at this level and we very much encourage everyone to take out subscriptions to iFollow.

Your donations to iPloughLane for tickets help not only keep this place running (it costs about £900 a year), but also mean we can continue making donations towards the club's media work. So far we have been able to give £2500 towards equipment.

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open to season ticket holders, Wimbledon fans

open to season ticket holders, Wimbledon fans, opponents

This will be the tenth, and final, season of iPloughLane.

From the depths of non-league to the depths of Barnsley it's been a pleasure to be able to provide a place for Dons across the world to come together and cheer, despair, moan and laugh about the matches we can't get to.

But all good things come to an end, and it seems a good time to close this stadium as we're about to move into a real new one. iPloughLane is as ramshackle as a CCL ground and is held together by the website equivalent of string and duct tape. It needs a level of commitment I simply won't have to either keep it running as it is, or demolish it and build a new one.

I'm announcing this now to give a year to anyone who wants to set up a replacement for the future. Hopefully someone will step up. You're welcome to the code for this place but, trust me, you don't want it. Do something new.

In the meantime, enjoy this season. You're still welcome to buy and renew season tickets but they will only last to the end of this season. After that we'll give anything left in the kitty to the Club for something.

Thank you to everyone who has played some part in iPloughLane history, particularly those of you who have done the weekly hard work of updating and stewarding. You know who you are. And of course to everyone who has funded it, made erudite comments, cracked a fish pun or just turned up to troll. It's been great.


Welcome to the virtual stadium for 2018/19.

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to fans of AFC Wimbledon, and to any opponents who also find their way here. Aggressive and abusive behaviour are not acceptable, but beyond that there are no set rules - apart from on Saturdays please don't post Premiership scores. Please also respect the fact that there are often children watching with their parents. Virtual stewards are on hand with fearsome powers, but they'd much rather not have to use them!

Please email us to let us know of any issues or problems you encounter with this version.

iPloughLane is funded entirely by your donations for season tickets.

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