The End of iPloughLane

Or maybe not.

We've had an interesting offer that we hope will enable the community that has grown up here to continue. It won't necessarily be the same format, but something more modern in keeping with our move back to the real Plough Lane. We're keen to make this happen if we can so keep looking here over the summer for more news as it develops.

It is though still farewell from the old team and the rickety old virtual stadium. Many people have made this place what it became over a decade. Mike, Geoff, Vic, Dave, Ann, Steve, Pete, Paul (and others who know who they are) developed and ran it over the years. But without you all turning up every game, and hundreds of you making donations to keep it running, it would have been nothing.

So thank you from us for the fun, despair, aggravation and good company on the epic journey we've had from non-league. It's been a blast. So long, and thanks for all the fish puns. COYD.

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